Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pyper Dollinger ~ Miss December 2011

Photography by Skip Staheli
Pyper's design is by Gizza called "Le Rouge"

Pyper's beautiful photos got her first place for Model of the Month, December. I have known Pyper for a while now, owner of the Dazzlers - she is one of the hardest working people I know, but also balances it out with having fun and making time for her friends. We are proud to announce her as Decembers model.......

Hello there, I am Pyper Dollinger and I am from Florida.

I was truly shocked to win this month and I am so honored to be apart of Calendar Models.

I have been in SL for 4 1/2 years now and have been able to live out my two dreams of dance and modeling. It is amazing how I lived my life as a dancer for 25 years in RL and now have been able to share it here in SL with the most amazing women and men. DAZZLERS Inc. is my family and they have been right beside me every step of the way as I have grown and learned to bring the art of dance to this virtual world.

I have modeled for 3 years and have loved the amazing creativity that the designers of SL possess. If it wasn't for them we wouldnt be able to spend our days playing dress up.

I have and do model for Glance, Avenue, and SL Illustarted. I am the CEO of DAZZLERS Inc. and will continue to live my dreams and learn each day all the amazing things SL brings my way.

Pyper's winning photos for December:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

QueenBrat Bracken ~ Miss October 2011

Photographer: Pam Astonia

Outfit-CHANTKARE COUNTRY with [VG] 'V Cardigan' in Banana

Accessories- [MANDALA]KABUKI Ring/Nails/NARA BROWN,*League* Wanderer -Golden Oak- Earrings,GizzA - Coat Outfit Male - Scarf,Opium Bow Ankle Boots

Hair and Skin-Amacci Hair Viola ~ Modern Red, *LaCrima* Skin Mara Pale M10

Congrads to QueenBrat who is the first model in Calendar Models history to win this title twice!! QueenBrat was also was featured as model of the month in November 2010 Queen is an expert stylist as you can see in these photos. She picked out her own style for the poster and I love it. Very Chic, perfect for the fall season!! We welcome her once again to Calendar Models the stunning, Miss Bracken:

Hi, My name is QueenBrat Bracken. I am thrilled to be chosen this month and first would like to thank the judges. I'd also like to thank Pam Astonia for taking my pictures.

I have been modeling in SL for 2 years. I work a lot ( too much according to my rl husband), having done over 170 shows to date. Recently, I had started becoming somewhat disillusioned and tired of modeling. However, winning this month has renewed my spirit. Also, I try to keep in mind that I am lucky to be able to find work and have made many great friends that I wouldn't have if not for modeling. The work can be long, the attitudes tough to deal with, but in the end I think you have to just try to remember to have fun and that your own positive attitude goes a long way.

Lastly, SL is an escape and a fantasy. I can explore my love of fashion and showing great clothes and do things that in real life I will never get to do. In my personal real life, my brother is serving our country in Afghanistan, and if it is ok, I'd like to request positive thoughts and prayers for his safe return.

Thank you again

Recent Awards
Calendar Model of the month for October 2011
Morgane Batista Poses Shop: Model of the month October 2011
Insde contest winner for September,2011
MFMP Quarterfinals winner
Winner of Miss Winter Metropolis 2011

The photos below are the photos that won her a second title at Calendar Models. Aren't they absolutely gorgeous!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sensual Frenzy ~ Ms September 2011

Photographer Skip Staheli
Fashion by House of Beningborough "Water Dragon"

Sensual really won us over this month with her styling and use of color. Classic red on black really captured her beauty in this photo shot by Julie Hastings. New to SL modeling, the beautiful Miss Frenzy:

First thank you all so much for selecting me as Miss September, I am new to modelling and this is all very exciting for me and being Miss September will be a huge stepping stone in my modelling career.
I first came to SL in 2006, done a lot of exploring made lots of friends tried my hand at designing and then RL called and I did not venture back into this wonderful world until October 2010. After a few months finding my feet and seeing all the changes here, found a wonderful plot of land in Costa Rica Sims and picked up the modelling bug that is all around Costa Rica.

I have recently graduated from Maniera Academy that i would recommend to anyone that wishes to go to a modelling academy. At the academy one of my tutors Sazzy Oh recommended the Calendar Models of Sl Contest to enter, so I took her advice and sent my photo in it was so exciting watching my photo every week climb to the top of the board and i never dreamed that I would make it to the top photo.

At the moment I am not represented by any modelling agencies and will be going to my first casting next week, a year from now my dream would be to represent the UK in Miss Virtual World Contest, but I have a lot to learn before I reach that goal. Thank you again for selecting me as Miss September.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Caoimhe Lionheart ~ Ms August 2011


Caoimhe has been a constant at Calendar Models month after month showing us her amazing photos, styling and modeling. Today she is sharing a bit of her heart and I applaud her honesty. She reminds us that it is so much more rewarding in the giving and helping of people than in the taking.. Which one are you?

My name is Caoimhe Lionheart. I've lost my Second Life shine these days, not jaded, just resigned. Second Life is filled with so many self-serving people. Them aside, the beautifully kind, intelligent people are the ones I am drawn to. I feel it's incredibly special and unique on the occasions that I meet someone who is sincere in nature, kind to the bone and their beauty shines from within. Now those people, and I have met a few, they are the reason Second Life is uniquely wonderful and special to me.

I am a prankster and a gad about. I love to laugh and create fun. I enter contests to show off the abilities of the photographer or clothes I am wearing, not for the pursuit of the win and I always enjoy a good chat. Thanks for the read, perhaps one day you too will be a friend. =)

Caoimhe Lionheart is a Finesmith Muse, the 2011 Essence of Purple Moon and the 2011 representative of South Korea in the Miss Virtual World pageant. She has agency with So Evane, Passion the Fashion Agency, Elegancia, D'ior, Outrageous Glamour and 5th Avenue Models.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Michela Benazzi ~ Ms July 2011

Fashion Design by Agnes Finney titled "Queen Victoria"
Photographer Skip Staheli

I am very happy and honored to feature Michela as July's model of the month. Not only is she an expert model and stylist but also a true friend!! Here she is in her own words:

Many describe me as a confident, fun, and an energetic individual always willing to go the extra mile. Yet outside of SL I am disabled and a United States Army veteran. I love the opportunity to branch out into this virtual field that has opened many doors for me in real life too. Initially I wanted to expand my graphic arts background. As I entered Second Life, I centered my focus on photography. It was one of my photos that won my first opportunity to walk the runway inworld. It was January 2008 and an untrained modeling photographer was given a chance by Sascha Frangilli to walk the runway that would begin a journey like no other.

Many classes, contests and shows later I am blessed to have worked with many top designers and be represented by several elite agencies. I have formed wonderful friendships that span the globe. Just last month I was choosen to represent the USA in the 2012 Miss Virtual World contest. On top of winning Calendar Model for the month of July, it just all seems so surreal. A dream come true, representing the USA, my homeland, the land of the free and brave. It is an honor, and I am humbled as I will give my all to make America proud.